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August 2, 2021

DUI/DWIs and Auto Insurance

Though we would never endorse drinking and driving, we understand that (unfortunately) it happens. So what happens if you measure a blood alcohol content level of over 0.08 percent and find yourself slapped with a DUI or DWI after a night out on the town?

Laws vary from state to state, and offences have varying degrees of severity. For instance, getting caught swerving between lanes may not be punished as harshly as if you actually cause an accident. Your punishment may be as light as a fine and increased auto insurance rates, or it can be a harsh as license suspension and jail time. Either way, the offense will stay on your record for a minimum of three years, which signals auto insurers that you’re a risky driver.

Under certain circumstances, you may be required to file for SR-22 auto insurance after getting pinned with a DUI or DWI. SR-22 insurance essentially acts as proof of your continuous coverage for an allotted timeframe that may last for a few years. If your coverage lapses for any reason, your license could be suspended. And because this coverage is reserved for risky drivers, it typically costs quite a lot more than regular auto insurance.

After fulfilling your SR-22 obligations, the status can be removed from your record and you may be able to qualify for regular auto insurance rates once again. Your independent insurance agent can assist you with the process, from filing to finding the right coverage.

We’ve got you covered. Call All Types Insurance Agency at 909-822-8334 for more information on Fontana SR-22 insurance.

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