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Condominium Insurance in Fontana, California

If you own a condo, some of the money you pay to your condo association likely goes toward a master condo policy that provides coverage for shared amenities (e.g., parking garage, roofing and sidewalks). But your condo association’s insurance policy typically won’t cover damage to the inside of your condo or your personal property.

Condo insurance can protect you from financial losses associated with building and personal property damage and personal liability. Contact All Types Insurance Agency in Fontana, California, to learn about condo insurance coverage.

What Is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is a type of property insurance purchased by condo owners. Also known as an HO-6 policy, these policies can help pay for damage to your condo unit and its contents. Condo insurance can also cover rowhomes, townhomes and subdivisions that aren’t classified as condominiums.

Why Do I Need Condo Insurance?

Many mortgage lenders will require condo insurance to finance your condo. Homeowners or condo associations may also require certain coverages and minimum insurance amounts. Even when condo insurance isn’t required, protecting your investment in your condo is recommended. Without it, you could face costly out-of-pocket property damage or liability expenses.

What Does a Condo Insurance Policy Cover?

The coverage provided by your condo insurance policy will vary with your insurer and the details of your policy. Here are some examples of common condo insurance coverages for you to consider:

  • Building property coverage may help pay for damage to the interior of your condo from covered losses.
  • Personal property coverage may help pay to repair or replace your belongings if they’re damaged or destroyed by a covered peril.
  • Personal liability coverage may help cover costs (e.g., legal fees and medical bills) if you’re held liable for a third-party bodily injury that occurs at your condo.
  • Guest medical coverage may help pay your guest’s medical bills if they’re physically injured at your property. It’s different from personal liability in that it doesn’t matter who is legally responsible for the injury.
  • Loss of use coverage may help pay extra living expenses if your condo becomes temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered peril.

The type of condo insurance your condo association owns may affect your coverage needs. Review your policy carefully or speak to an experienced agent to learn more.

How to Get Condo Insurance

All Types Insurance Agency can assist you in learning more about HO-6 policy options. For more information, contact us today to request a quote.

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