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Non-Owned Car Insurance in Fontana, California

Non-owned car insurance may provide the liability coverage California drivers must maintain to comply with state laws. Contact All Types Insurance Agency in Fontana, California, to learn more about non-owned car insurance.

What Is Non-owner Car Insurance?

If you frequently drive but do not own a vehicle, a non-owner insurance policy can offer liability coverage to help cover third-party liability and bodily injury claims resulting from an accident. However, non-owner car insurance does not cover the car you are driving or your injuries sustained in a crash.

Can You Get Car Insurance Without a Car?

Yes, a non-owner car insurance policy can offer liability coverage for damages or injuries resulting from an accident you cause up to the policy’s limits. Non-owner insurance can be beneficial if the car owner’s liability limits are insufficient to cover the incident entirely or if the owner’s policy denies you coverage.

Aside from liability coverage, a non-owner insurance policy might include medical payments, personal injury protection coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage.

Non-owner insurance policies are typically less costly than conventional car insurance policies. Your agent can help determine whether non-owned car insurance is appropriate for your situation and help you choose the right policy limits.

Do I Need Non-Owner Car Insurance?

There are a few circumstances in which obtaining a non-owner auto insurance policy might be advantageous:

  • Car accidents—If you are involved in a car accident and do not own a car, a non-owner insurance policy may help cover your legal liability for third-party damages.
  • Frequent car borrowing—If you often borrow cars a non-owner insurance policy may be worth considering.
  • Regular use of car-sharing or short-term rental services—If you frequently use car-sharing or short-term rental services, a non-owner policy may be beneficial since it may offer liability coverage beyond what the company provides.
  • Frequent car rentals—A non-owner car insurance policy may be less expensive than purchasing liability coverage from the rental company every time you rent a car. Remember that the non-owner policy does not cover physical damage to the rental car. Still, you may be able to purchase a collision damage waiver from the rental company to supplement your liability coverage from the non-owner policy.

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